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Beacon Reef

Beacon Reef

East side of Similan Island 8 Beacon reef is a gentle fringing reef site. An excellent dive spot, especially for night dives, where the reef take on a different life.

BEACON REEF – Similan Island #8

Located on the east side of Island 8, this site is a perfect location for a relaxed sunset or night dive.

The top plateau located between 5m and 12m is great for training and night dives. Below 12 meters a lucky few will find the sloping reef dropping to 25m inhabited by Moray eels, nudibranches, shrimp and the home of one of the few wrecks located in the Similan Islands archipelago. Around 20 meters lies a sunken wooden liveaboard collapsing slowly and making a great home for Batfish, Snapper, Scorpionfish and Lionfish.

Beacon Reef