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East of Eden - Similan Island

East of Eden

Located on the East of Similan Island 7. When you drop in and see this amazing site, you realise why its called Eden.

EAST OF EDEN – Similan Island #7

East of Eden is located on the east of Koh Pa-Yu (Similan Island number 7), the site runs from north to south and is an ideal dive site for all levels of divers. The reef slope ranges from 5 to 40 metres. In the north of the site there is a cluster of staghorn coral and blue coral, where Frogfish sometimes hide inside or amongst the sponges. When you head down the slope and to where the reef heads into the sand you will find some of the largest fan corals in Similans, covered in glass fish and
Type of Dive: Reef/Drift
Depth: 5 - 40 metres
Visibility: 20 - 40 metres
Temperature: 27 - 29 degrees C
Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate



East of Eden - Similan Island