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Three Trees

Three Trees

You won´t find this site in any map books, as we accidentally stumbled on it a few years ago. It gets it´s name from the three trees on the north of Similan Island 9, that indicate our drop off point.

THREE TREES – Similan Island #9

This dive site on Island 9 consists of two sections and is ideal for any dive of the day. The fringing reef starts at 5m and slopes to 20m with a mixture of healthy hard corals. This is the home of many different types of marine life such as Moray, Octopus, Mantis shrimp and Lobster. This site is also a great feeding ground for Hawksbill Turtles.

If you choose to leave the reef and head to the outer boulders have a look on the sand for Khul’s stingrays and Jaw fish.

Leopard sharks can occasionally be spotted among the boulders starting at 22m. The deep boulders are covered in amazing fan corals and thousands of glass fish, it´s an amazing macro point with pygmy pipehorses around, and take look over the top of the deepest boulder where it drops off at 26m to about 35m - the occassional Guitar Shark has been seen here too!

Three Trees