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North Point

North Point

The most north site in the Similan Island Archipelago, North Point is located on the northern tip of Island 9.

NORTH POINT – Similan Island #9

North Point (also known as Rocky Point) located to the northeast of Similan Island 9 is a dive site comprising submerged rocks mixed with fringing reef as you get closer to the island itself, which makes it a great spot for all level of divers. The formations of the rocks create holes and swimthroughs. There is a little pinnacle out in the depths where if you are lucky you can see sharks swimming in the sand channel on your way out there, the deep rocks are covered in gigantic sea fans, and very few divers make it out to see the "North Point Pinnacle". In the southern area, near the island, are two channels made by boulders standing side-by-side. Next to the channels,  is the shallow fringing reef that consists of staghorn and hard corals. Look out on the boulder walls for hiding Ghost Pipefish and Pygmy Pipehorses, the sand has gardens of eels and stingrays, and in the coral garden 8 times out of 10 you will see a turtle munching through the staghorn corals, or mating Octopus and Cuttlefish! There really is something for everyone.
Type of Dive: Boulder/Reef
Depth: 10 - 35 metres
Visibility: 20 - 25 metres
Temperature: 27 - 29 degrees C
Difficulty: Intermediate

About 300 metres to the northwest of the liveaboarrd diving site lies another pinnacle. This fantastic similan island pinnacle is totally covered with soft Thailand corals and giant sea fans. However the top of the Thailand divesite pinnacle is at about 30 metres and falls steeply to betwen 40 and 45 metres, which is in excess of the limits for PADI Thailand recreational liveaboard diving. Divers should note that there is no shelter between this pinnacle and the shallower site, so heading back from the Liveaboard Thailand pinnacle requires care in case of currents, however you may be rewarded with the sight of leopard sharks resting in the sand

North Point